Bankruptcy - The Good and the Bad of It

Most people aren't comfortable talking about bankruptcy. Many feel embarrassed to file for bankruptcy because they're afraid of what people may say about them, and the consequence it brings to their credit ratings. On top of that, the bankruptcy law of 2005 added more elements and procedures that made the whole process even more puzzling for laymen and lawyers alike.

A lot of people mistakenly suppose that the law passed in 2005 by President G.W. Bush abolished bankruptcy protection. This is not true. The law was merely altered and adapted to accommodate additional requirements, but bankruptcy remains a viable option for cash-strapped Americans.

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Bankruptcy obviously gives you the benefit of wiping the slate clean. If you're allowed to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can say goodbye to most of your debts permanently. This can offer a great deal of relief for families who are buried in debt and have no means of paying them off.

Bankruptcy can be helpful in settling your credit card debts and medical expenses while shielding your assets such as your house and retirement fund. There are a lot of information and facts that you need to collect. Make sure to hire a good bankruptcy attorney. For instance, homestead exclusions differ from state to state. Your family house may be at risk depending on your situation.

Bankruptcy offers you a legal means of freeing yourself from debt and giving you a fresh start, but there are also consequences to deal with. One of them is that your credit rating will remain very low for the next few years. But then again, if you're buried in debt right now, then your credit performance is probably the last thing you worry about.

Bankruptcy doesn't erase all types of debts, either. Usually, income taxes and student loans are not covered by bankruptcy protection. Fraudulent acts determined by courts, such as incurring credit card debt with no intention to pay, isn't covered.

There are tons of things to ponder on when considering declaring bankruptcy. Never make a decision until you've exhausted all other means of paying your debts. Always consult with a good bankruptcy lawyer before deciding on anything, and always look at bankruptcy as your very last resort.

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